About Us

e-insuranceleads.com was created by Josh Docktor, an Independent Insurance Agent with over 8 years of experience. He represents over 50 life and health insurance companies and sells in over 40 states. Josh transitioned from selling life and health insurance face to face to strictly online with the help of high quality leads and technology to manage each customer relationship.

Two years ago he formed e-insuranceleads.com as a solution to propel his online sales efforts. While generating leads for his own business, a supply of high quality life insurance leads became available surpassing his ability to handle. e-insuranceleads.com was formed to help agents become more profitable using his proven methods.


80 SW 8th Street, Suite 2000. Miami, FL 33130

Josh Docktor, President

Please call for pricing and availability, 1-888-773-1181 x2.